Can we sell our share of Father's property after his demise

Our Father died 3 and half years ago and hasn't created any will for his self acquired house. We are 4 siblings (3 Bros and 1 sister). My elder brother long with his wife and mother in law (who doesn't stay in same city/state) has been torturing my Mother and pressuring her to not stay with them and surrender her share to my elder brother. My another brother and me as well stay in separate city along with our family in our respective rented flats. My elder brother along with his wife and support of his MIL filed a fake police case on us that we are trying to kill them and our Mother is torturing them. Now I have got my Mom to my house as she wasn't feeling safe and her privacy was disturbed my them as they have installed cctv even in hall and dinning room. We thought of raising an complaint with senior citizen cell and AC office but we're advised by an lawyer that this will take more than an year though official resolution time is 90days. Please advise if we (excl our elder brother) can sell our 75% portion( as per Muslim law 6 part of 8 part) of property to someone else and what's the process and how long will it take. Do we have to before selling out portion go for partition suit? House is constructed on 40X60 sqft plot size with construction of duplex which covers entire ground floor and 40% of 1st floor. 3 bhk on 1st floor with separate stair case and entrance and 1 studio in 2nd floor. Property is still in my Father's name as my brother is not ready to sell or provide noc