Fake allegations for DV, dowry harrassment and maintenance

We were married for 2 years, however she had stayed with hardly for 4 months in total not exceeding more than 15 days at a strech, she always used to go back to her home and expects me to join in her house as she is lone child for her parents i tried to work on my relation for 2 years by consoling her, if i deny her from going to her home she used to threaten me with suicide, so i kept silent on her wishes and decisions. she used to behave good and used to like me if i go to her parents house frequently, i thought she will understand me and my work profile (as i am working in armed forces) in time. we were blessed with baby girl and she stayed with me for 3 days after birth along with baby only, when i asked her to come to my home town with baby to perform few customs she denied to come and after half an hour her father called me and told she attempted suicide and started blaming that, i harrassed her on phone and she attempted suicide, but at the time of incident i was 1000km far from her home town and i just texted her to join me in my home town. when i asked the details of hospital where she was admitted they didnt disclose the facts and didnt allow me to do video call then i relasied that she didnt attempt suicide but entire family was threating me self harming drama. I couldnt handle the pressure of self harming threatens by her and told them that i need explanation and guarantee that she will not this kind of acts in future, but their ego didnt accept them to give explanation to me. subsequently they file DV, dowry harrassment and maintenance case against me, my parents, sister, brother in law and grand parents, stating following false allegations:- 1. sexual harrassment 2. extra marital affairs with senior officer wife 3. physical harrassment 4. not providing food ad cloths 5. physical harrassment by my sister family and my parents 6. dowry harrassment by my family and relatives. 7. forcing her to drink alcohol by my collegues and me,etc. she had mentioned that i get salary of 2 lakh per month and she is demanding 50 lakh cash and 80,000 per month additionally and in actuals i recieve 65000 as my net salary. she defamed me and my family among my collegues and relative by forwarding false allegation against us. and she used my personal cheque book and forged the details and kept a cheque bounce case stating thet i took a loan from her father and didnt hanour the cheque. when i filed counter with sufficient proofs they tried to bribe my lawyer and asking for to compromise. I have no trust on her and her family after experiencing these events. i want to get out of this mess, please guide me..