Can i sell my portion of undivided plot

There is a undivided free hold plot of 2.5 kottah in my name, my mother's name and my father in law's name which was purchased in 2013. In 2017, my mom and my father in law died due to age. I am the only legal heir of my parents and my wife is the only legal heir of my father in law (her mother, my Mother in law is alive). So i have the right over 2/3rd of the plot (my own share and my mother's share, my father is also not alive), and the rest 1/3rd is in my wife's and her mother's share. Currently due to certain financial issues, i wish to sell the land to which my mother in law is not allowing. She wants 90 percent of the selling price if the land has to be sold and only then she will allow the same but she is having right over only 1/6th of the plot. So my question is will I be able to sell my portion of the land (2/3rd) without their consent legally without any issue and if I can what is the procedure for the same. They are not giving consent even if they are given 50 percent of the selling price which also they don't legally deserve.