Housing Loan Insurance claim Concealment

Dear Sir, Recently one of Directors expired. His Property was mortgaged with the Bank as a collateral security and was covered with a Housing Loan Linked Insurance Policy. Since the Company was having huge debts all the Directors of the Company had decided to sell the properties belonging to each one of us to reduce the debts by closing the housing loans and Company term loans, COVID - Loans etc., All the individual properties given to the Bank as Collateral for availing OD, were all covered with Life Insurance group Secure. The Master Insurance Policy holder is the Bank. After the demise of the Director, the Company representatives approached the deceased Wife who is the natural heir and the Bank officer to provide us a copy of the Insurance policy so that the deceased person's housing loan portion could have been reduced if the deceased persons heirs claimed the insured amount. This could have helped the Company to reduce the remaining debts. But, these two above mentioned parties claimed that they were not aware of such policy at all before the Sale of all Directors Properties. After closing of the Housing Loans, now the deceased person's heir is approaching the insurance Company to claim the money. Even the Bank Manager was aware of the existence of such a housing Loan Insurance Policy linked to the Property given as the Company Collateral. But they all concealed the information before the sale of all the properties by which major part of the debts are reduced. The Bank Manager even though was aware of the existence of the Housing Loan Linked Insurance Policy - deliberately did not reveal the information and the Bank Manager and the wife of the deceased person wanted all the housing loans and Company debts to be closed using the proceeds of selling all the properties of the Directors. The board is surely not interested in the insurance claim amount. But the insurance policy was meant to be used for closing the Loan first and later the family benefits. Because of the above action committed by the Bank Manager and the Wife of the deceased ,remaining Directors representing the Company had to strain the relation with the Bank Management. Earlier the Bank was Supporting us on several instances of delay in making due payments. But after we complained of the above incident against the Bank Manager, now they are sending us threatening emails of NPA etc.,in case the dues are not paid before the stipulated dates. Before the Complaint was made by us the Bank was even adjusting the funds from OD to clear other critical dues. Now, We see very clear biased actions by the Bank. Assuming we have certain evidences which may prove that the above persons have actually concealed the information about the existence of the Housing Loan Linked Policy, in order to prove they have cheated the Company ,Can the Company file a Complaint in a court against the Bank Manager for concealing the information and biased actions being taken against us?