I got trapped by a girl, I lost everything

Im into fashion designing, wherein I ws financially loss same day met with a girl, she treated me as a sister and she console to stay without pay till the problem solve, use to exchange things like costumes and accessories without jealous, one day there was an emergency at home town need to go...still Im nt going as im financially down here, she forced me as a sister to go to my home town to solve the problem n come back, I got stuck there for 2 months and im passing information wht is happening, she came near to my city for pilgrim and discussed about my family and she said me to not worry n come back, I ws not able to again coz of family issues and informed the same, later a month I reached her place, now she totally changed and not allowing to home and handovered all my things which are at her home( costumes, accessories, documents, laptop, expensive clothes n sandles related to fashion designing) almost all things, nw I dont have even single source with me neither documents nor money,Now she is demanding for money for whole days and handover all my things, Initially if should have said that need to pay atleast certain amount whatever I should have prepared for that or else gone to hometown, I totally got trapped nw I dnt hv any source wit me to continue my career, once she treated me as a sister still that bonding stopping me to rake any action against her Please i am requesting anyone give me some suggestion , to get atleast my educational documents and laptop from her.