Domestic Violence by Wife

Hi Team, My name is Sameer.. I am a Muslim.. I got married in the year 2018.. Currently I am having 2 kids 3 years old and 4 years old.. Durning first pregnancy my wife started behaving odd like not sleeping for the whole nights, cleaning utensils in the midnight, late night going out of house, unnecessary arguments which are irrelevant.. later many friends suggested that it is because of mood swings during pregnancy.. somehow things got managed as she was staying at her parents home.. immediately after delivery she was diagnosed with post partum psychosis…She attempted killing herself by taking more tablets couple of times.. I am getting her treated at NIMHANS Bangalore.. In 2022 she was diagnosed with BIpolar disorder at Nimhans.. Now things have got more complicated as my wife keeps fighting with me each and every day unnecessarily.. she keeps hitting kids very badly… I work in an IT firm and have lots of stress due to her behaviour.. She keeps mentally harassing me..I cannot control her as I am afraid that she will attempt sucide again.. her parents does not get involved at all.. not sure what to do.. she keeps fighting to me day and night.. Any suggestions how I can handle this legally