Can an Expired Managing Committee (over 6 months)Induct Members & conduct elections

The Society has a total of 14 Flats Secretary has Expired Jan 2023 - No Secretary appointed The Managing Committee continues under Chairman and has Expired its Term in July 2023 They have Selectively admitted a member in September 2023 by conducting an MC meeting quietly and leaving out certain MC members The Member admitted is on the Basis of Nomination that shows 50% on Wife & 50% on Son however only Wife admitted I & J Register updated & Share certificate signed with 2 Signatures only since this is the wife of the Secretary who is deceased This manipulates the strength of the Electorate as another members application on Gift deed is kept pending. Society now starts an Election Process based on a Circular sent around for MC signature terming it a Circular Resolution 1st Election Officer resigns in December 2023 2nd Election officer declares Inability to conduct elections due to Fathers Health 3rd Election officer appointed Questions: Does the MC have Rights to Admit Members post their Expiry of term? Is the Admittance of member Legal? Notes Society Consists of Super Senior Citizens (80+) members and therefore they are unable to forcefully challenge Appendix 5 of Relatives to represent these not being inducted as members. Case is under Hearing at Dy Registrar however evaluating options