Previous owner is leaving the country soon

I have purchased a resale flat in umargaon(vapi), it is a CHS society and the previous owner owed 22000/- maintenance on the society however when all the purchase process was done he paid the outstanding amount to the society, also showed the phonepay transaction with his account statement as well, but now the society has also provided the society account statement saying no amount has been received on the said date by the previous owner, and after talking to the previous owner he is saying i have done it and have sent a legal notice to the society saying the society is trying to take extortion amount. now here i am stuck, as the society is telling untill the maintenance is not paid i will not get the name plate also they are harrasing the tenants staying there, and are telling me that if the previous owner doesnt pays the maintenance you have to clear it as you are the owner, so talk to the previous owner and tell him to pay, but teh previous owner is soon leaving the country. Also as the previous owner has sent a legal notice to the society after me asking him what is the next steps, he told nothing now i have sent them the notice. please suggest what i need to do in this, am i liable to pay the maintenance of previous owner, after receiving the notice also what if the society come out saying out of the blue some day to pay the maintenance again to me, what is to be done please help sir/mam.