Property of women died intestate

My father-in-law was a doctor. After death of 1st wife, he married a widow lecturer. She is also the 2nd wife to her 1st husband. Her 1st husband had two daughters. When they were together, they bought land in 1979. After his death, she brought up the two daughters and got them married. The land was divided between her and daughter through written deed. It is not known whether it was registered or not. After around 10 years of 1st husband's death, she got married to my father-in-law in 1996. In 2001, she died de to cancer. Then, dispute arisen between my father-in-law and her daughters (not biological daughters, but biological daughters of her 1st husband). They argue that the land was purchased with their father's money. Therefore they should get back the same. My father in law argued that since she got married and land was transferred to her by deed, he should get it. Since she was in govt service, her money was also spent on purchase of land, construction of building etc. In the District court, verdict was given in favour of daughters. My father in law appealed to high court of Andhra Pradesh. He got interim stay. But, recently in 2024, HC has passed order rejecting the appeal. Please guide whether we should file appeal in Supreme Court or not. If appeal is to be filed, what would be cost of filing.