Neighbour discrimination on my Caste

Hello Sir, I'm a resident of Visakhapatnam. I'll explain my problem with every minor detail, so I hope that you'll be patient. Today our neighbour barged into my house and started harassing me and my family just keeping a water bucket on his land property which is actually of a small area(For him To check whether any items are present on his land, he must've have to come into our house). Like I mentioned before, he barged into our house and when he saw that bucket, he began harassing my mother using foul words, I said to him that, "I'll take off that bucket, and apologised for that, and also said him to leave from my house " with respect even though he cursed us. Even then, he would not leave and started his regular curses. he had no right to step into my house without asking permission. And he tested my patience, I told him to get out of my house in a high pitch, and thus the argument started, and he said that he'd barge into my house as per his wish. I said that, this is my house, and you have no right to step in my home. Then after a long argument, he was going away and then his wife came and shouted you are Low caste people(I'm OBC), you should not argue with almighty like us. This statement hurt the feelings of all my family members including me. I highly objected this statement and told her that, "Till now we've respected your age and did not say a word, and why are you talking about castes when we've stepped into a modern world and no longer believe in old superstitions like castes??" We live in a city, and the society is developing very fast, and and no one really cares of castes except for the Govt., But she shouted like that, my mother felt very bad, which in turn reflected to me. So, sir, Can I file any complaint regarding her statement about caste, so that the police would teach her a lesson that caste is not important than humanity and mutual respect??. If there is a law regarding this, please do help with this with a solution, which provides the area of law to be implemented, and the sections (Which I've no knowledge). My issue may be silly to many of you. But when it hurt my feelings, I've the right to complaint, right? Hope I'll get a solution. Thanks in Advance. Regards Madhu.