Mismatch or incorrect directions mentioned in the Sale Deed and EC of the land I am buying

Hi I am buying a open plot in Panchayat Layout in Keesara Mandal in Secunderabad. In this transaction, I will be the 2nd owner after deed registration, i.e the EC shows only one transaction from the XYZ Resorts Pvt Ltd to Mr. A. The problem observed is that the EC and Sale Deed mentions wrong directions, i.e., as per these documents in East there is a Plot B and North there is a 30ft Road, however as per the master layout and physical status there is a road on East instead of North, similarly all other directionals mentioned are 90degree rotated. There are no other issues in the document. The current owner i.e. Mr A says that he can register a rectification deed, calls it as Self rectification deed, prior to my registration, by paying the entire duty again as per his original deed. I enquired that would the first seller (XYZ Resorts Pvt Ltd) would be also part of this rectification deed, then he said that it is not required and as the current owner he can do the self rectification deed as it is a minor error. I am confused whether this is ok or will it create a problem later while reselling by me. Please advise.