Sale deed not registered but Khata and Pahani transferred

I am indian agriculturist.MY Grand father and My Father and his elder brother. three of them registerd land in 1965 ,but before that land under bhogya ,while doing sales deed with same person,who had bhogya land, and for the cleared bhogya amount and my father elder brother marriage purpose they make sale registerd hole property,but they have not transferd any phani and khata for them, and positions also not aquired, my father and his brother only in position and cultivating land from 1990 my grandfather away from upstand. IN 1992 My father and his brother devided in the year Both of them become compromise and pay the some amount to the person who registerd land in 1965, and they obey for the amount and they gave return agreement we recieved so much of amount and we are ready for register whenever if you confirmed with the stamp paper they wrote and they singed for the document . and partition deed thro village accountant. (Revenue department).did all paperwork on stamp paper, changed the khata and pahani on my Father and elder Brother name but didn't register in the registrar. but till now we are position and cultivating land but we have dought regarding Registration to cancel what they did in 1965? are we need to go for court to get adverse positions Rights? how do i correct it? Any suggestions welcome. Thank you