Owner deduction of deposit

We had rented a 2 BHK flat in June 2023 and vacated the flat on 3rd Dec 2023. We had informed owner about our situation on 15th Nov 2023 and accordingly he said that 1 month notice stay so we have to pay 15 days rent. We left the flat on 4th Dec and were ready to pay for 10 days as per mutual agreement. Then after few days for deposit we connected with owner and he stated that we need to contribute 50% for the water filter & AMC charges or else pay full water filter amount to him and take the water filter (Before moving into flat we had word with owner that we need water filter or exhaust fan, and he agreed for water filter. That water filter work was also given to us and he asked to purchase branded one and also take AMC, we purchased it and the water filter basic amount was deducted from rent and the AMC charges are still balance). Again after few days he stated that we need to pay for the tiles which are broken. He hadn't stated it earlier and before us few bachelors were also staying in the flat and before giving the flat to us owner didn't check the tiles and now he is asking us to pay for the damage. But we didn't do that damage and it might be the previous tenants had done the damage so why should we bear the charges. And now it's almost 2 months and we have received only half of the deposit and still the Rs. 20,201 is pending with owner after deducting 10 days rent. The rent agreement was also not made as during start we had shared all the details with him (rent agreement format, etc.) still it was postponed many times as he was not available and then he wanted to paint the flat so it was again postponed. Now the owner is deducting from our deposit for the following : 10 days rent, damage tiles cost, 50% of water filter & AMC charges. Also he never picked up the phone neither willing to meet and clear things and now he is telling why to look into past after causing us a lot of trouble.