How to issue share certificate for multiple transactions of the property

We are registered co-operative society. In our society there is one shop. The 1st owner of this property was member of the society when builder formed the society and registered the society. Society has not issued share certificates to any member for few years. So the 1st owner did not have share certificate issued on his name. After few years, 1st owner sale the property to 2nd owner. The 2nd owner did not notified his sale deed transaction to society. He did not paid the transfer fees and didn't registered himself as member. Meanwhile Society started issuing share certificate to its members. For this property 1st owner name is put on the share certificate. Then the 2nd owner sold the property to 3rd owner. The 3rd owner paid the transfer fees and wants to be member of society. He also want the share certificate and property transferred on his name. The 2nd owner is died now. Queries: 1. is it require that every owner of the property should be member of society and should pay the transfer fee ? 2. Should the 2nd owner pay the transfer fees and get share certificate transferred on his name ? is it mandatory ? 3. Can society transfer the share certificate and property from 1st owner to 3rd owner directly skipping the 2nd owner ? 4. What is the right way to transfer the share certificate and property to 3rd owner. He has paid all the transfer fees already.