Ltting out a flat without police verification or witohout submission of any intimation/ chs

Some flat owners in our CHS have let out their flats to outsiders on Leave & License basis. without any intimation whatsoever in advance or otherwise to society. None of the L&L documents too submitted to society's office who are not even aware of such transactions taking place in society without their knowledge. Subsequently also despite general circular requesting such owner members to submit agreement copies and all other mandatory docs. with payment of regn. charges, Physical Police verification copies etc. and reminders, the owners are abroad and reminders seem to be falling on deaf ears and relevant Licensees just not responding. What steps can MCM Take against such defaulting members w.r.t. above and can penalties be imposed? If so, mode of recovery and time limit. Else should Society MCM simply file an FIR in nearest Police station to carry out the police Verification process. if so is such verification process FREE OR CHARGEABLE, whats the cost and who is liable to pay Police and how to recover such costs from owner members or Licensee. Pl clarify in detail. Lastly, pl. Can you mail me a sample draft notice MCM can send owner/Licensee w.r.t. police verification not done.