False 498a case

Dear Sir, My brother wife has falsely filed a FIR 498a and my brother is an NRI.To give you a basic hint of the issue,my brother was married to girl from a very moderate background and my brother took her to south korea lived there for only 4 months and she verbal abused and tortured my brother leading him to commit suicide.Latter he came back with his wife and she went away to her mother house.After 3 months she filed false 498a case against myself(elder brother-I am located in middle east),mother and father accusing that we demanded dowry,but we have all evidence that my brother Lenin spent lots of money to the girl to keep her happily and full fill her dreams in south Korea. Now my question to you is , 1.Do i need to take AB since i m residing in MIddle east? 2.Still charge sheet is not filed and i would like to know how to fight this case strongly against the falsely fabricated case? 3.Also our lawyer is telling that he will quash the FIR in high court, i would like to know is it really advisable to quash the FIR in high court and if so what are the consequences? What is likeliness of quash FIR in high court? But all the allegations mentioned i the FIR are completely fake and also we have so many bank transactions that my brother wife has got credited to her account on various occasions. 3.Do i need to look for a criminal lawyer to fight this case in my location or wheather case can be handled in any other location? Kindly help us to know better. Thank you.