Victim of 498a misuse

I got married last year. Since after marriage she was asking me that I don’t deserve her. She belongs to rich family and me from lower, she doesn’t respect me. Every time she threatened me that her family will take hard action against me and my family in women rights and court. After marriage she regularly tortured me mentally for my financial conditions. Her parents fully supports her. In starting days of marriage she was calling anybody in late nights (around 2am). When I asked her, who is this person. She told me that i am talking to my family members. When i asked her to show her phone. She deleted that numbers. Similarly she was busy on watsapp in late night. When i asked her to show chat. She locked the phone and told me that you don’t have any right to say any thing. This phone is given by my mom and it is not from your money. So you can’t stop me to talk. This way she behaves me every time. These things happen so many times. In this way she deals with me. When one day we fight on that issue, she calls her brother and after that her parents misbehave and threatened me. One day when she again fight with me so badly. Then i slap her on back. She immediately take overdose of crocin and told me that, my family will show you what we can do with you and your family.. But nothing can happen that time as I appologies her due to her threatening. when one day i asked her that, who told you to do this. She replied that, my mother told me that, when ever your husband and his family say anything, you can take medicine and after that you call me. Rest we will solve. In this way, she regularly tortured me. Two months ago, she went to her parents home when her father comes. She went there for one week to take rest. One day she called me to come there. When I went to her place she again fights with me. After that she along with her family told me that you don’t deserve to be my husband. So get out from here. After that I and my family asked her several times to come. But she denied to come. We requested her and her parents so many times but she denied to come. And her parents denied to send her to live with me. Now they are demanding 20+lac to settle the issue. They want divorce and asked to settle it. As I belongs to lower family, I have only a small home of my father. In this beautiful home we have joined family. They told us to sell this property and give them amount. If we denied to give them money, then they will give fir under 498A and others home violence law. I want to leave live with her but she cant. My family want her back. But she didn’t agreed. She only want divorce and money. From where we can give her these two things. I want to leave live with her but she cant. I don’t have money. She want money from us by selling our beautiful home. She takes consultation from lawyers and others also. She writes all false things and lawyer shows his full knowledge in framing laws. She knows Indian law order supports her. Also she has enough money for lawyer and police. What I can do. I don’t have any support and guidance from lawyer because i am poor. In this world nothing is free. If in any condition she comes to live with me forcefully. And after that if she will take medicine. Then what will I do. Now the condition is “I can’t trust on her” because no body knows what will she do to take revenge. Suggest me what I can do. In Indian society every boy supports ladies. I have only hope from you all. If no one will help me, then I will go for sucide. Because I don’t want to be in jail with my god like innocent parents and relatives. HELP ME.