Banning kids playing football and cricket with a soft ball in a community

Dear sir Bunch of kids who plays football with softball for 30 mins everyday..this soft ball has given by community.. these kids are aged around 7 -12yrs respectively..there are some old age men showing grudges to those kids and threatening them by telling " will take video of yours and circulate in what's app group ". " Shall I hit u with the same ball " "shouting badly with them " Recently similar incident has happened and mother's went spoke to the concerned party ... The person who posted everything on what's app and his friends started mentioning the mother of kids like "irresponsible" "even the way of bringing up the kids bad " " will go to police " etc Is it legal to discuss about the kids and mother's in public what's app group ... After a discussion there framed a MOM saying that using soft ball is fine ..still some people targetting the kids and abusing them Is legal ?? What should we do? We have an OSR area which is now a mini jungle ..we asked the comunity people to clean it and make it as a open ground ..these people are not doing it because it's open to public too ... As we are fine with this but rest of them are not agreeing for this due to security issues .. Please help what should we do in this