What is deemed Knowledge.

I had purchased a residential plot of 60x40feet from central excise house building cooperative society in the year 1992. I was given possession of the site in 1993 by the society. I have original katha and tax paid receipts from the year 2004. Society acquired 16 acres of land in various survey numbers including survey no.19 ( one acre)). for forming the lay out after obtaining NOC from the local government authorities) One acre of land in sy.no was purchased by the society from two owners in the year 1991. The had purchased the property from one Razak in the year 1967. NOw daughter of Razak and her siblings have filed a partition suit against her two stepbrothers demanding partition of one acre of agricultural land in Sy no.19 as they believed that her stepbrothers had forged the signature of her father after his death and executed the sale deed in 1967 in favour of the two persons who had sold the property to housing society. The property syno. was published twice in the official Government Gazette once foe acquisition to form lay out for public and again denotified in favour of Housing society. Can notification and denotification of Sy No. in the official gazette could be considered as deemed knowledge knowledge.