How to evict trespassers

I have purchased a plot in Hyderabad 30 years back , constructed room with compound wall, paid vacant land taxes , got a House number to the room , and regularized (LRS) 10 years back.I have proepr link documents and My plot number is in sequence with my neighboring plots perfectly, apartments constructed and people residing in those plots. Six years back , trespasser in my absence demolished my room and compound wall and constructed a new room and kept his watchmen. Trespasser fabricated a fraud layout and registered false sale deeds in my neighboring Survey number. His plot numbers and Survey number are different from mine. Trespasser also took electricity connection using his false sale deeds. We filed complaint and FIR under sec 441 and 427 was registered against trespasser and was also charge sheeted in court and case is pending..Even then trespasser attempted bore digging activity in my plot but was interrupted by police. I filed complaint with GHMC , and GHMC denied house construction permission to trespasser..I demolished the room of trespasser and his watchmen left the plot, but again trespasser,has kept some people in my plot in a hut, and they are not evicting my plot. 1Can I evict the trespasser's agents forcefully from my plot 2. Can police help me in evicting trespassers 3. Do I need to file injunction suit in court and ask for police protection (OR) 4 .can i file mandamus writ in High court , asking for plot survey and demarcation by Revenue officials, as i already have Urban land ceiling certificate(ULC) certificate from Revenue dept, and seek police protection to evict trespassers , as i am a senior citizen, will high court give specific direction to police to evict trespassers from my plot. Please suggest the best possible way to evict trespassers from my plot.