Training Bond

I joined a engineering service related company with the bond period of 2 years , with which on breaking the bond i will have to pay the bond amount , if i leave/resign, i will have to pay liquidated damages amounting to Rs.200,000/- (Rupees Two Lakhs only) on pro rata basis and give three calendar months’ written notice or salary in lieu thereof. I did not give any original certificates to them and I have resigned my job due to my family situation within 4 months of joining and i did not serve the notice period . Now they are asking me to pay 1. Notice Shortfall amount to be paid to the company ( Notice short fall days – 90 days) 2. Training cost amount to be recovered. This accounts to 2.72 lakhs. The training they have provided was not a proper training. i also told them that training was not worth of the money you claim. They gave a reply that they are paying the clients of that company to train the employees . I also negotiated the HR for reduction but they are very adamant in getting the fully money . Kindly help with the issue and what should i do ?