Can Daughter is Law claim in ancestral property

My Grandfather (passed away in 1970) had bought a property measuring 4000 sqft in 1960 and later sold to my grandmother (who passed away in 2020) and his only son through proper sale deed,i.e my father. he has transfered Khata of total 4000 sqft in the year 2000 before we all got married. My father has 50 % rights on the property i.e 2000 sqft and grandmother has 50% rights i.e 2000 sqft. My father has 3 sons and 1 daughter. My Middle brother passed away and his wife has two kids. As my Grand mother is no more, her share are divided to 1/5 share. i.e my 1st Elder Brother 400 Sqft, 2nd Elder Brother 400 Sqft (who is no more and his is claming her share and residing in the same property) My Sister 400 Sqft, Myself 400 Sqft and my father 400 sqft. Present Age- 48- Sister was married in 1998 Present Age- 52-First elder brother was married in 2003 Second elder brother was married in 2008 (passed away in 2022) Present Age- 44 -My self got married in 2010 My father is alive aged 75 years not willing to give any share in 4000 sqft property to second elder brother wife, as my father had gifted my brother a property when he was alive and told clearly he does not have any share in the above mentioned 4000 sqft property. My brother sold the gifted property and bought a property close to our house for better access and rental income. But now my middle brother wife is claiming that she has rights on this 4000 sqft property. How can we resolve this issue.