Resignation from a public sector bank

Sir, I work in Indian Bank as a clerk from last 1 year. On July 10 2023 I fell sick and didn't work for 10 days. After that I joined bank worked there for 2 days but than my grandfather fell ill so I came home for his treatment but unfortunately he died on 5 Aug 2023 and my grandmother also fell ill and I got stuck at home for approx 3 months and could not able to join the bank. My HR send me a notice regarding my absence and I replied him and told about the situation on Nov 6 2023. And after that I find that mentally and physically I am not able to go and work at bank so I sent my resignation on 25 Nov 2023 without serving notice period but by depositing 1 month salary as it is in bank resignation process. But it is still pending. And I've got no salary since my absence in bank. I sent multiple followup emails but I got no response. I talked to my HR and he told me that the final authority has denied to sign on my resignation. As of now my family is facing challenges and I'm here to support them. My brother's wife is also on medical treatment from last 6 months and she's admitted in hospital in Jaipur and I'm here with her. How can I get my resignation?