Seek help

I have been married on 25 th of November last year and I am going through mental harassment.My husband do not support me for anything .For every petty things my in laws will keep a note and one day they will blast with all penny things by calling my parents and will tell them every small things which is not even consideration.they have humiliated them like anything.I had given them my bank statements for some work they had asked me but they have been tracking that statements and asking why have u taken loan or why have u removed in small denominations .the loan which is shown was some old loan and as my salary is just 25 k I remove salary in small denomination so that I can save few.They will always question me for unnecessary things .they have humiliated me in front of 10 people.they did not allow me to go to my parents place .They were mentally harassing I went away to my parents place.i cud not take all this harassment.everyday new things .they are just sitting and tracking small small mistakes I do which no body would consider as they do not have any pass time ,they full time only do this.I am fed up with them .many false allegations they have put on me that also in front of many people.I can't take all this any more.pls help me,it's not even a year for my marriage.