important query

`hello sir my name is kamalpreet kaur. i am married and having 2yr old daughter. actually recently i have taken my daughter through habeaus corpus writ from my husband and it was written in order that by mutual compromise my husband is giving my daughter to me and he was allowed to meet her at CONVENIENT PLACE. since then he have met her 4 times ,since 30june2014.buthe is bothering me by threatening to see me and family and always said that he have shown mercy in giving my daughter. actually he is using my child to harrass me,we have dispute. now he is telling me to take my daughter to him and her grandparents as they are ill and threatening if i didnt agree he will go to police abnd i will have to face the consequences.kindly guide me to get out of his blackmails? i have decided not to allow my daughter to meet them as they are using her as a tool to harrass me. i dont want my child to become a football.I want to know what immediate remedy i have so that i can secure my child with me and didnt allow to meet him as custody suit will take time? I am newly enrolled as an advocate and presently prepariong for judicial exams.