health related problem

My neighbor installed a Split AC in one of the room at ground floor with Exhaust system with fan on the roof facing our bed room window on 17.05.2014 at about 1.00 pm resulting in flow of hot blast air in my room with humming sound & dust particles. This is causing disturbing during night as hot blow of air is forcefully circulating in my bedroom causing disturbance in sleep. As explained I am a senior Citizen of age 71+ and a patient of Hypertension, Thyroid ,Arthritis with ischemic heart and uninterrupted sleep is essential on my health as advised by my physician and such disturbance is affecting my health and mental peace. I approached my neighbor by removing the exhaust system and install it some other place but it is of no use. Incidentally I approached Burtolla P.S over phone at the time of installation and one of there representative visited the spot and requested my neighbor to remove the exhaust system from its present position to some other place, but we find the request had not been obeyed. What should i do now.