Alimony for daughter from her father before marriage

There were a lot of disputes since my childhood and my mom tried to file divorce many times but failed due to one reason or the other. Now we are at a pinnacle stage in our lives, my dad's retired and has hidden property. He claims that he will not give any. Coming to my point, I want to study furthur, I'm under graduate. He's not paying money for my higher studies since 4 years am fighting for my right to study. Moreover I'm fragile and lost health for which am not able to work and earn something. I want to get out of all these and study further hard. What cases are available to put on my father so that I can study far away from him and settle my own life without his involvement. I don't need gold and diamonds or for any big luxurious things, just a peaceful life to stay alone in hostel and continue my studies further. ? I don't want to stay with my family anymore but I will look after them from distant if they need my help I will help. I have 2 elder brothers too. They are helping them anyhow now. None are sick at my home.