Can husband claim compensation from wife

Hi Team, My sister got married this year and within 2 months she got pregnant. her husband is working abroad and he left before she realize that she is pregnant. Once she informed them that she is pregnant, he started torturing her mentally that how suddenly this happened after he left and finally she revealed to my parents that he is not talking properly to her. because of the mental torture and lack of food intake, she had a miscarriage at 7th week. We gifted some 600 grams gold to her and that is in their custody. My parents asked to give the gold back and they will keep it in her locker. But they disagreed. Later some of their relatives told us that he is not educated .actually , they told us that he has completed graduation and he has no debts. But we came to know that they are completely in debt of lakhs and he was not interested in the marriage , for the dowry he accepted this alliance. Now when my relatives asked them to get rid of her life, his father is asking for a 5lakhs compensation. My sister is not working, but our gold is their history and my father has goos property also. Do we have to provide them a compensation if we go for divorce case? his father is also claiming that the miscarriage was an abortion. And his father spreads wrong information about my sister and also she is very much worried and in a very bad mental situation. She has only one complaint that he doesn't accept her as awife, but for money and as a slave he treats her. he stopped talking to her from 3 months. Please help us how should we progress legally.