How can we prove ourself safe ?

Sir /MAm, Would like to tell uh that past 4 years my Chachaji was dead and his wife was looking after her children but she got some extra marital affair . First few months she refused as her elder son was out of city for studying and only younger was with her . When elder came he found unknown man used to come with his wife frequently and sometimes early morning hours when everybody was sleeping , once younger son had noticed that she was sitting on his lap and saw some unlawful photos and she cried came to my mom telling everything . But we do not talk with them as we had divided many years back . When this came to elder aons mind he refused that this guy will not come but his mother started torturing them by not giving food , money etc. Now his mother has put allegations that we are my parents I. E jeth Jethani are beating me and making my children's against me to prevent herself . She had beaten herself and got admitted in office though my parents hD not visited her since many years . She had given in newspaper also wrong allegations of beating for property . Sir would request you to please let us out from this wheel . Thanks Kanwal Verma