under which law i can file case

i am 27 years old and my husband 30years.Mine is arranged marriage. We got engaged on 27 July 2013 then marriage on 30th November 2013 ..... And on 4th Feb 2014 he asked for divorce.... So no kid.. Frankly telling us not able to establish good physical contact...from 4th Feb 2024 I am at my parents place .... I hardly know him. Everything happened so quickly ... We never even discussed about divorce...it come suddenly... It was big shock to me... As I mentioned earlier I am not sure he is gay or any other psychological problem.... Till 4th Feb 2014 I never even think of word gay... After 4th Feb when I alone visit doctors and share my story they told that he might be gay.... Following are some incidents... This might help you to know things... 1) On first night we able to establish physical contact. Not so good meaning neither I was satisfied nor he ejaculates. But he pretends to be happy with that contact. I am counselor so I thought might be he is too anxious/worried and gradually he will be able to ejaculate and able to satisfy me. As he belongs to orthodox family he told me he never even talked with any girl. And this was our first physical contact so I thought once we got comfortable to each other things will be ok. 2) After that we went for honeymoon. There we not had any physical contact because he was very anxious and paranoid about all hotels. He even not allowed me to bath in hotel bathroom cause according to him there may be cameras in bathroom. And no physical contact cause there may be camera in T.V. He even showed some videos on mobile internet which shows how people record couples unknowingly in hotel bedrooms. I thought he might be anxious and everything will be ok when we return to pune. 3) But I was wrong when we came back I came to know that he is having infection. Not on proper organ but at thigh ends. I feel angry. I told him he should have informed about this to me. Husband wife relation is base on trust. I suggested visiting doctor but he said he already taking treatment for this. Doctor given him cream for local application (cream name is “candid” I guess). But he never applies that in front of me.whn I ask but you never apply any cream? He said he apply cream in office. And he refuses to visit doctor. 4) In this 2 month of marriage we had physical contact only 4/5 times. I thought he might need more time but I was wrong. 5) When we came from honeymoon after that he starts asking for anal sex. I told him it not even 1 month to our marriage first enjoy this normal then might be after 2 year we can think of it. But he keeps insisting for anal sex. But I was firm. 6) From honeymoon first day only he wants to see me peeing n all toilet process. According him if we can have bath together then why not toilet. I was not comfortable for this. But one day he forced me to pee in front of him and just to save our marriage I pee in front of him. He was masturbating at that time. I thought might be after seeing he will realize there is no thrill in this so he will stop demanding for that. But after that he starts asking to show other toilet process also. But I this time I remain firm. As I will never even dream of doing shit in front of anyone. 7) Also he thinks that semen is his power and as wife it’s my responsibility to save it. He never ejaculates. Whenever we had physical contact in that he never ejaculates. Only once in bathroom he called me to see his semen n that time he said “see my semen is thick so don’t doubt on me”. 8) In foreplay he not interested in kissing or cuddling. What he does is only pulling my breast with hands. And that hurt me a lot. Twice I even told him to stop this torture. But he never stops and continued that torture. 9) After 1 month to marriage I start demanding for more physical contact. But he blames me that I think about only about sex and there are many other things to do. 10) Monday to Friday we not had physical contact in morning because he has office and after physical contact he gets weakness so not able to concentrate in office work. Monday to Friday after coming from office he used to sleep immediately because he get tired by office work so no physical contact. 11) On Saturday and Sunday my mother in law and father in law and his unmarried younger sister we all used to go for outing. He used to drive for 3 or 4 hrs. So again after coming home he used to sleep. 12) I told my parents about this and my father try to talk with my father in law but my father in law said how she can talk on these issues with you. 13) My in laws are orthodox. When my father told my father in law about frequency of me and my husband’s physical relationship. My father in law said in marriage physical relations are only 5% and other responsibilities are 95%. Marriage is not for sex. 14) On 4 th Feb2014 I insisted to show doctor then he demands for divorce. And he is firm on this. 15) After lots of efforts and family friend’s pressure I convince him to come to psychologist. In separate session with psychologists in second meeting only he refuses to continue sessions and told her he wants divorce. Again after family friends pressure he got ready for joint meeting. He gave date on phone call 29 th march. But when our psychologists call him for appointment confirmation he not receives her call and not even replying to her SMS. When he not respond to her call psychologists even called my father in law but he also not received call or replied to SMS of psychologists. 16) He not ready to visit any doctor or psychologist. All he wan is divorcee. And when we ask reason for divorce he says “He not able to form any emotional bond with me and he thinks he will never even able to form any emotional bonding with me”. Our engagement and marriage have 4 moths gap. In these 4 months he never feels that he not able to form emotional bond with me. This all come when I start insisting to visit doctor.