dowry and stridhan

I got married on 30 nov 2014 in in law has given 4 lacs on my father's banks account without any demand from us.after marriage my wife and my in lawa are threatening us for police case under sec 498a and 406 of wife wants ti sale all the stridhan and mangalsutra n jewelry for money for enjoyments. She is living with her mother since last 6 month.when she was going to her motjers house my mother told her to keep ur mangalsutra and jewelry. We do not wear mangalsutra daily u also wear ocassionly. It was advice only from my mother and she keep all her stridhan including mangalsutra in my mothers wife told my mother that i will come after 15 days so my mother told her to take her all belongings after come back from her mothers house and keep all stridhan here.before a month my mother in law and my wife called on my parents mobile and told about stridhan.they alleged my mother for keeping stridhan mother accepted.they have call recording of this conversesion.we are ready to return my wifes all belongings but my in law is ready to laung an FIR against us under 498a and 406 of ipc dowry and criminal breach of trust. Our intension was always right.we are always ready to returned her all stridhan always. Last month my wife had threatened us to give divorce and 40 lacs and 4 lacs through Facebook. My wife also wrote me NAMARD(inportancy).she wrote me that she has a medical report regarding this.this is totally fake because i can do sex 3 time daily. She is telling a lie.she and her mother n sisters are very clever.they need my property. My father has a own house cost of 80 lacs.this is not a paternal property but she wants to sale and take money otherwise she will sent us behind the patents age is above 65 yeat.plz help us.what should we do?are we safe according to above story.give explanation in detail. Thanks