Correction in survey number (gift deed)

My grandparents had a property in Kerala, which they brought and not an asset from their parents. They had five children including my mother. From their property, 20 cents were written in my mother’s name (1daughter) and the rest 32cents were written to the other 4 children (2 daughters and 2 sons) equally and did not divide it. So if this has to be further handed over, then all 4 children will have to sign. In that case myself (son of one daughter) paid cash and brought 16 cents from 2 parties and another daughter (my mother’s sister) brought 8 cents + her own 8 cents..a total of 16 cents in her name. Since the transaction was between relations, the village officer opted for gift deed. Therefore, the 32 cents were now written as 16 cents gift deed to my mother and another 16 cents gift deed to my mother’s sister. When we went for the mutation of property, they said there is an issue with the survey number. The survey number was wrongly mentioned in the initial agreement (when in grandparent’s name) too, without rectifying this it is not possible to proceed further. They suggested that survey number can be corrected when both plots are reregistered to another person, so we decided that my mother registers it to my name and other plot to their daughter, the matter is closed. Please advise a way to solve this matter. I paid them the cash 3 years back and still the plot is not in our name.