How to get the final divorce decree from Madras High Court

Hello, myself and my husband filed mutual divorce in Oct 2014 in front of judge in Family Court at Madras High Court and we were told that the final judgement will be passed in first week of Nov 2014 thereafter we can collect decree. I stay in London, UK. Through my lawyer I wrote applications and paid more than 15K to her to collect the decree and court copies of all the judgements as I had to return back to UK. It has been one year, she stopped communicating, avoiding calls when me and my family tried to follow on the decree. My friends in Chennai visited her house, she refused to meet and in one instance they shadowed her in court, where she mentioned she needs more money. Its very frustrating as I dont have many people to do anything on my behalf and its been an year i dont have my final divorce decree. Iam going to India next week to visit Chennai court and get my decree. Would the able lawyers advise here how i can file, what documents would be needed and if I will get it in a week or someone can collect on my behalf as i have only 2 weeks in India. Thanks in advance.