False Domestic Case

Hi All My wife has filed a domestic violence case against me and my entire family. Currently we do not stay together and I am paying the rent of the flat for her. Its been 8 months since the case was filed and she has not produced a single proof to support her allegations. Upon my detailed reply with all the supporting evidences to counter her allegations, she asked for a mediation. I told the magistrate that I do not ant to stay with her as they has been a lot of trust in the past 8 year. Later on she demanded that I buy her a 1 bhk flat in mumbai if I want the case to be revoked. She already is well earning, has 2 flats in her name which she bough post marraige. I have only one house which I had bought pre marriage. She is also enjoying her life with parties, international trips, etc and claiming in court that she does not have the money, and for which I am paying the monthly rent. Given this situation, is there a way that i can file a case of harassment and defamation with false allegations. Thanks