Recording rights and copyright

I am an independent musician (singer/composer/guitarist) .One producer approached me for 2 of my songs which were already composed and he wanted to use them for his film. And also sing 2 other songs which were composed by another composer. Initially we had no discussion over rights of the song, and my perception was he just wants to use them in the film . But after the recordings were done ,he told me that he wants to buy the rights ,to which I declined,but somehow eventually agreed to the condition that if he is not able to sell the rights within the 18months of signing the contract,the rights will be transferred back to me . But all this was verbal only and we didn't sign any contract,and now the 18months period is also over and I want to release my songs on my own ,to which he claims i cannot. Please guide me if I am legally bound to not release the songs on my own channel ... Also he paid for the recording studio,drummer, bassist... But he didn't paid anything to the -composer, lyricist,singer, guitarist which in this case happens to be the single person that is Me ,also he didn't paid to get the final mix master of the songs ,I paid from my own pocket. Please let me know if I release the tracks ,how much if affects me legally