Can husband file case for misusing 498case

My sister in-law is showing our family hell everyday. She demands are limitless. My brother comes home after his night shift and she starts fight whole night for all silly things, like not eating the food and he coming to meet my old parent and my brother not getting her new clothes and gold, not inviting her parents to home, though my brother listens to her fearing she might put all our family members behind bars. Her younger brother warns us telling they know naxals and he will cut us into pieces. My sister in-law lies to the core she uses all abusive words which are very cheap to hear and very next moment she promises telling she never said it. She has been troubling from past 1 and half year. we going to police station for counselling and she acts tells she wants husband. I have so much to describe but don't know what all to tell. She is extremely manipulative.Recently she put my brother, father and younger brother behind bars and wrote letter to file 498 on us and I begged her at night not to do that. Finally she did not sign the paper and got my family members back. It is like we all at home are living in fear of going behind bars as in my family we all are well educated and are working in software firms. We are fearing we might loose our jobs and it would be shame to us. I sometimes feel like me and my family should commit suicide to end this fear as every month she keeps repeating her drama.