Wife not giving divorce

Hello, I am a Gujarati Guy having a good job and well settled. I was married to a Gujarati girl (Same caste, different samaj) on 28/11/2014. At the time of my marriage I was settled in Mumbai but just 3 months after my marriage luckily I got transferred back to my home town, ahmedabad. The girl dreamed her life alone with me in Mumbai and her parents too, staying away from my family (Not much household work and nothing to care). So once I transferred back to Ahmedabad, her parents told my girl can not do household work. If me and she can stay alone in my new flat then only they will send her to my place else No. So there was a lot of discussion between me and my wife on SMSes. Finally I SMSed her I want divorce. Then we didnt exchange any SMSes for more than 2 months and none of her parents contacted me or my parents either. Later on I planned a Satyanarayana ki Pooja in my New flat and all relatives forces me to bring her atleast once. So I asked her to come and she came for 15 days (that was planned). She came on saturday evening and pooja was on sunday. Pooja completed happily, everthing was good. On the pooja day, one of my aunty told my wife few things (routine things like how to live in Sasural, how to behave, what kind of clothes to wear, what work to do mostly all of them advice nothing abusive). Then my wife phoned her parents and next day (Monday) they came to my place with 10 more people and took her back with them. After as this scene is created, I am asking for divorce. But she and her parents telling they will not give divorce and will not send her to my place. This is not it, they are planning to file a Fake mental harrassement case and Maintenance suit against me and my family. She has stayed hardly 10 days with me and my family since our marriage. I checked on the internet and found most of the time such cases are in favour of wife. Can you people suggest me anything?? What can I do?? if she has not stayed for at least 10 days can she file such cases in court?? I havent told her any bad words or have any violence. But they can plan a fake witness and all. Further, she is telling her parents that my sister and mother is harrassing her (how is it possible as she has not been to my place for more than 10 days). I am really scared because I am working in very reputed company and If any case is filed against me then My career is gone. I asked for all possible settlement but they are not ready. Thanks a lot..