Registered POA for registration of more than one properties

Couple of years ago I had purchased two properties (flats) both in joint name with my wife. I am staying in Aurangabad (Maharashtra) and both flats are in different states, while one is in Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh), the other one is in Bangalore (Karnataka). At present both properties are under construction. Next year, most likely, both of these properties will be due for registration. My wife is willing to appoint me as his attorney for execution of registration and I few questions in this regard - 1) Do I need to register the the POA or is notarized or self attested/signed POA sufficient for property related matters like registration. 2) For registered POA, do I need to register the POA in same state as where the property is or should it be same state as where we are residing at present (Maharashtra). 3) Can I create a single POA for granting me the authority on both the properties or will I need to create different POAs for each of the properties. 4) Do you recommend that I approach the sub-registrar office and execute the POA myself or should I consult and take help from a legal executioner if the process is not so simple for a common man like me. It will be very helpful if these few questions can be answered by experts in this forum. Thanks in anticipation!