To Legal Advice Officer Sub: Advice regarding Divorce Summon Dear Sir I am living in New Zealand and I am a citizen of New Zealand. I recently received a letter from New Zealand High Commission regarding the Summon from Delhi District Court. According to the summon my husband has filed a divorce case in Delhi District court, and court wants me to appear in the Delhi District Court regarding the case. However I have had filed the case in Agra District Court last year 2013 for a divorce from my husband, and had successfully won the divorce case as an ex party because there was no one on my husband’s residential address in Agra to receive the summon I somehow managed to find his current address, and had successfully sent the divorce decision documents to him. However before receiving the copy of my divorce decision, he had also filed a divorce case in Delhi District Court on May 2014. I do not have any problem if the Delhi district court gives decision on his favor. Giving this scenario my concerns are 1. What happens if I do not sign the summon and do not appear in the Delhi District Court? 2. Will there be any legal problems? 3. Since I have already got the divorce from Agra District Court and my husband has the copy of the decision, will I need to inform the Delhi District Court about it. I think my husband might withdraw his case since he has got the divorce decision copy from me, but if he presents this documents to Delhi district court. Please advise. Thanks