Restoration of conjugal rights

I am a govt employee and have a son of 4 yrs. My wife left my house with her son 2 years back without valid reason. I thought she would come back realizing her fault. Instead, she filed case in a lower court demanding maintenance. The rest of her family members never communicated me anytime for any discussion as to how to solve the problem. After getting the notice, I with my lawyer's help appealed for restoration of conjugal life. Final court order mentioning exact amount of maintenance cost to be paid by me regularly is yet to be received by me. But presently, according to court's instruction, I have to go to court on fixed day and pay her through court a certain amount fixed by court and this will continue until the final court order in this respect reaches me. The fact remains when I go to court I meet my wife, share many things and she requests me to meet her father. But I request her to withdraw the case at first then I shall go to her father's house and meet her father, mother and other family members. Presently, she regularly calls me and we have long conversation but when I request her to give the phone to her father to help me talk with him, she remains silent. She gives me reason maintenance order does not come in conflict with restoration of conjugal life. She wants to mean she will get maintenance cost and start conjugal life. I am confused. Please guide me.