Mental torture by MIL and Husband

Hi, i'm recently married since Feb 9, 2015. My husband had a previous affair when we were about to marry and due to my MIL he married me. From the Day 1 there had been many problems between us. He goes out of the house in the night around 3:00 AM and fights always for no reason and always take the name of my dad. Once in a fight he hit me in my leg and I had a severe blood clot. In another fight he went nude outside the house. He just pulls words from my mouth and records them and send it across to my dad, his unmarried younger brother and his mother. All the while he demands money from me. His mom and he are concerned about my jewels and always ask for it. He never pays for the house rent and never helps at home. Both of us work and my salary is double than his. I don't know whether this is the reason for him being so cruel to me. He always speaks with girls about all awkward things which I can't mention it right over here. When I complained to his mom and dad they advised him to delete all the calls/messages that he has made. His mom always tells me to stay with her and not to go for a job and teaches him to take all my earnings under his control. I don't know whether these people are real psycho's. Please help me in this regard.