Need help to stop the divorce case in India

My Husband is living in UK for 17 years and working with his current employer for 11 yrs in London. Although he has not taken any permanent stay status here. After marriage I been living with him in UK at our matrimonial home. There were domestic violence reported to police here. My husbands Solicitor has been sending letters from 2013 and also once shared a draft divorce petition Of UK court. Now I Have filed for divorce in UK and my solicitor has informed his. After getting my court papers he has come out saying he has filed for divorce in India a month before also shared scan copy of his Indian Petition. Also he has mis-lead the Indian court mentioning we both are permanent resident of India and given my old Indian address in court. I have not received any court papers yet in UK. I like to proceed with UK petition because of many reasons and also I like inform Indian court about my state and also I have a small child and do not have sources to fly and attend the case in India. What shall I need to do? Can I send a letter directly to family court with supporting documents requesting to put a stay or dismiss the case till the court hearing in UK ? What will be the best way so the respected Judge can hear me? I want to stop the proceeding in indian court as i am taking up in UK and we live here Is there a way to get the case no or petision no of the indian court?