Need advice to file case against Future Generalli ,auto insurance

Hi, I met with an accident in a highway 3 months back in which my car got damaged on the left and right side along with the broken windsheild. As my car is insured with bumper to bumper insurance cover from Future Generalli i informed their customer care for the claim. Next day an insurance company surveyor has called me and arrogantly talked asking that he cannot process the claim as there are no police complaint. I told him that as it was night 10:30 in a heavy rain with my wife and pregnant cousin, due to safety concerns i was unable to talk to police as it was a highway. He told that he needs to investigate further and assigned an investigator. Also he told me if i was dead or some one else had dead in this incident he would not asked me this. I was raged and asked him to give me the phone number of his manager. He refused. Now after 3 months they are telling that they are not convinced with the details that i have given and they are telling they will only give INR 10,000/- instead of 28,000/- claimed amount. Can you please help me with your legal opinion? Regards, -- Avinash