Maintenance and divorce case

I am a woman age of 23 . I recently married on the date of 25.02.2015. after 2 months my inlaws show there true colour. i was bearing all the torture and cruelty with the hope that good sense would prevail. but after 3 months of marriage my sister-in-law comes from pune for permanently and start doing work from home after that my father-in -law and sister-in -law started their torture and cruelty with me. My husband is not showing some sympathy towards me. he is always keep quit about all these. recently my father -in-law slapped me and my sister-in -law started using filthy language . I Call the cops but police did not take any action. My husband is puppet of his family. My husband salary is 1lac per month and am not working. Properly depend upon my husband. Please tell me what should i do? After all this i make all efforts for amicable settlement from my end but my husband is disagree with all these allegations and completely denied with all this. Now i am staying with my parents. Please tell me what action i take?