Want my right

Hello m 33 years old.. married to a man 11 years ago and currently living in ghaziabad..from the starting my in-laws harrassed me... by abusing,beating,insulting me and my parents...initially my husband used to listen to his family only... bt after few years he changed when he found one day that his mother isn't right... bt my in-laws are still same .. now they are forcing us to leave their house.. and we left the house earlier too twice...cuz my father in-law threw are households so we left than he call my husband to come back to home.. it happened twice...my husband has very strong feelings for his family he dont want to disrespect them or complaint against them... but as of now after so much physical and mentally torture... they are now forcing us again to leave their house.. i have 2 children and we cant afford a house on rent... and they are also growing... they saw many times that their grand parents are abusing us...they just dont like to see our face... and we have done nothing wrong ever... now i want property... cuz they are about to sell this to builDer... my husband still says let it be... i dont want anything... but i want my right.. its been 11 years since i am.tolerating torture.. physically as well.as mentally... kindly help me. ...let me know the right way... thank you