Ilegal son

Hi, I'm working as a consultant in Malaysia. during my business travels in 2010 to dubai, i happened to meet a girl who is a filipino working in dubai. I got married to indian muslim on May 10, 2011. one week later to my marriage the filipino girl started black mailing me that she is pregnant and it is because of me having sex with her during April 2011. I did had physical relation with her (only twice) but she knows very clearly that i'm getting married soon in May 2011. Now i dont know the son born to her is because of me or not. With my legal wife i have a Daughter (born March 2012) and son (born June 2015). She extorted me mentally from dubai in 2011 and then from philipines during 2012-2014 and extracted plenty of money from me close to 15 Lakhs INR. Now she is married to American on April 10 2014, and living in Michigan with her son. My question is..if the son born to filipino has got any rights on my property? i dont want to be associated with this filipino or her son in any ways. as of not recieving any emails or threatening calls from her but once in a while email comes demanding money.