Harassment by my husband n his family

My name is vani I am 32 years old I got married in 2004 I have 2 kids one daughter n one son since 2014 onwards my husband changed he have affair with 50 years old women I t alarmed al his harassment apart from that my father n my husband n 2 more partners started one construction in that al the 4 partners invested 20lakh each then my father registered al the property n bank account in his name there is nothing in others name he taken a advantage of this now he is not at al ready to give my father's money indirectly he is asking dowries even we also don't have any proof for the money what we have invested in that construction for that money he had made so many trouble for me n my family after that I attempted for suicide later I was in my mom house for 3 months later l gaven a complaint against my husband n his family that too dowries harassment case later they s rent us for counselling there we both compramised and I came to home last March then I taken my complaint back now again he started troubling me he is beating me now sl of r telling that once you taken ur case back u can't do anything against him if I want to leave him n want to stay with my kids what can I do and he pledged al of my gold what my father has given please suggest me