Accident and paperworks

Hello sir, My name is Praveen Raj. I have been involved in a road accident, in which my bike hit a pedestrian. I was going well below the 30km/hr. But the 64 year old lady crossed the road all of a sudden. And I could'nt stop the bike. It was her falt. She saw someone on the other side of the road and just went towards him without even giving a hint or looking back. I took her to the nearest hospital. She hurt her hand and 8 stitches were required. But that was all. I asked the doctor and there were no other problems. I called her relatives, and her daughter, son-in-law, son and few of their friends came. I paid the expenses till then, which was Rs.270 and with their permission, I came back home. As soon as I reached home they called and asked for more money and I refused. They threatened of filing a case. I said I am not going to pay any more. The bike I was using is registered to one of my cousin's friend, who bought it from another person. The bike was brought to my place since my father is at the hospital and I had to transprt their food and other materials. The insurance and tax receipt are in the bike's first owner's name. Am I in trouble if they file a case? All they know are my name and phone number.