I got married on 11th Jan 2015. We had tough time since first week of marriage due to too much interference of my mother-in law - too much of pampering and multiple calls everyday, including sharing of bedroom life (we both from same city, our homes are 4 km distant). It is arrange marriage. I was trying to counsel my wife for pregnancy but she was not ready and my mother in law had big issue on it too- so I dropped the idea from my mind - left it to god. Wife used always pressurise me to leave her at her mom's place every week or 15 days - stating she misses her mom a lot..she was pursuing final year bba exam and the college was near her mom's home..I later came to know she never went to college- we got this sorted out..but since then she started behaving different.. Used feign being mad..used to ask for poison..wanted to commit laws told me that she is possessed of ghost and they are taking her for treatment to tantrik...I said I am okay with it if she gets better by any means...I did suggested psychiatrist.. But they said would do it the biggest probl em is that she is out of home since three months...not ready to come..I did went twice to take her but she denied..initially said still not better...but later said that she doesn't want to continue the family reacted harshly to it and demanded that let's break it...we want it to be peaceful....but now they are taking advantage and bullying that they want 9 laks compensation plus I should give her half my salary lifelong and then only she will sign divorce ..I am still ready to take her back though..I am confused here that girl wants divorce and how am to compensate for loss...they are threatening of dowry and domestic violence act too..I am reaaly afraid since I hardly have contacts if high profiles who would intervene and get this sorted..