Husband wants my baby and wants DIVORCE FROM ME.

Dear Sir, I was married to a person who is the 3rd son of my in-laws. They have total 4 sons. They started harassing us right from the day of marriage for some or the other reason. Later I underwent physical abuse also from husband when we both were in USA. The evidence I have taken for his physical harassment was deleted by my husband.Later I was pregnant, and all the 8 months I have to undergo physical abuse (he slapped and threw water on my face, but for none I have any proof). Later my parents came for delivery and baby girl was born. He and in-laws tortured me all the way through phone from India to USA and my husband got very much influenced and tortured me, for which I loose breast milk to feed my baby due to stress. Now I am in India with my baby for mental peace from past 10months. Now my husband wants my baby and doesn't want me, he doesn't love my child but want her because his mother doesn't have any daughters . She also want my daughter because she thinks a girl can work for her throughout her life. Also threatening me all the time for DIVORCE if I don't obey him. I pleased him not to do, despite I please, now in reverse he is blaming that I am seeing DIVORCE. From past 4 years the same is being going on. Q1. All I want to know is when my husband doesn't care for my child and goes till DIVORCE, why should he get visitation rights? With this won't my child get mentally disturbed ?? what kind of father he is? Q2. When my inlaws can pollute my husband's mind against me and make him to go till DIVORCE. Then what guarantee that they will not pollute my daughter's mind against me, if I allow my daughter to be with them or for any visitation rights? Q3. What good even he DIVORCE , he is still connected through my child and will harass me throughout my life? I am undergoing lot of mental stress , harassment and domestic violence. All the pain and blood I went through to deliver my child is not to handover to those evil minded people. I want justice to live with my child happily and peacefully. Please help and suggest me on mercy grounds.